Innovo – How I Restored My Pelvic Floor


I have no shame, I have absolutely no pelvic floor so trying out the Innovo Restore The Floor was a good idea for me. Having 3 children (Not exactly small, with youngest being 8lb 12) unfortunately I have suffered as a result in the pelvic floor department. I am not embarrassed, pelvic floor is important and it should be maintained […]

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Help, Which Mobile Provider Is For Me?

Iphone, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone.

So we have all been there, looking for a new phone and curious about other networks. Been with the same network for many years but there just seems to be much better offers out there. But how do we compare tariffs, providers and other things we may want to know? Limited details on providers websites as always, so we branch […]

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Why Is Hold Music So Awful?

Why is hold music so awful? Why do I feel depressed and blue after waiting on hold for an hour, listening to some awful music that gives me a headache? Is this a thing everyone feels? As I know I certainly feel it! I could block my ears up, tear my hair out, anything to stop this awful music! Occasionally […]

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Dehydrating Food? What A Faff

My children love dried food, so I did look for a dehydrator but it all looked like a massive faff and I didn’t have time to ‘faff’ about. I got confused with the different types of dehydrators and had no idea what was best. All I wanted was a little one for fruit as dried fruit is always eaten in […]

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Writing A Will – Why It Is Needed

For a few years I have been considering what to put in my will. Who is going to be my beneficiaries and who will be the executor. It’s a little complicated for me so I need some sound advice on what to do and what needs to go into a will. I looked online but I felt these would not […]

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Fishing Must Haves – A Beginners Guide

Fishing is a family tradition, my Grandad, Uncles, Me, my Son’s… we all like to go fishing. Sometimes we go to places that are a little walking distance away, set up camp and enjoy the day. There is a long list of things you may need to take with you so here is a little peek at what you need. […]

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Fun Party Ideas

Throwing the biggest, baddest and best party ever is a must for a lot of people. There is so many different ideas for parties so I am throwing a few out there I have considered. Photo booths are at such popular demand at the moment, they are a ‘must have’ for parties, weddings and various occasions. They are fun for […]

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Simple Home Made Storage Drawers

I have been thinking about making my own simple, home made storage drawers. I really like the acrylic storage drawers but I found they are either expensive, not the right size or not what I want them to look like. So I have been looking for other ways to make storage as my office is rather cluttered. The first way […]

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